Our FLEX program has been designed for the Learner who may wish to get ahead in their studies in order to enhance their English skills, and/or for students who wish to study at a distance.  

FLEX stands for Flexible Learning for Essentials and eXtras. .

Some highlights of this program include: 

  • core courses for students in grades 3 to 12
  • options for agents and parents to monitor student progress
  • consistent teacher support
  • one on one learning sessions
  • flexibility to enrol at any time (during the academic school year)
  • work from anywhere in the world  

We provide regular academic consultation which includes: 

  • ESL assessment
  • Program planning based on ESL assessment results
  • Counselling/advising on course selection
  • Weekly academic reports
  • Transcription of credits
  •  Plan showing progression towards an Alberta High School Diploma (Students who complete their grade 12 through this program would need to be in Alberta physically to write the Alberta Diploma Exams)

FLEX - Introduction to our FLEX Program with Dr. Kandace Jordan, Director of International and  Ms. Carmen Spitzer our Academic Advisor     

FLEX Program Brochure

FLEX Program Advantages

FLEX Progam Extra Credits Advantages

FLEX Program Sample Plan

FLEX Program 3 Year Sample Plan

FLEX Program Manuel