Interested in hosting an International student?

Being a host family with Golden Hills International is unique and rewarding for all members of your family.

Our international program welcomes students from all over the world. They receive an outstanding education in our schools and we also want them to enjoy an outstanding Canadian experience.

This is where you come in. 

Your hospitality can make all the difference. It isn't just about giving them a place to live and eat, you become a vital part of their experience here. This will be truly rewarding for everyone and joins cultural sharing and great memories as you learn about your student and integrate them into your daily life.

We are looking for hosts who can offer a safe, secure, welcoming environment to learn and grow in. You do get paid however we don't want this to be your reason for becoming a homestay. Students see through this and it interferes with the homestay experience we want for our students.

You always have the support of our Accommodations Coordinators whether you are an experienced host or new to our homestay family. They are there to guide you through the homestay process and are available to provide answers, advice, and support. Information sessions are also held several times a year to inform, engage and get feedback from you.

For more information call 403-934-5121 (Ext. for Strathomre 2054) (Ext. for Drumheller & Three Hills 2033)

Our office is open Monday to Friay, 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time 

Application Instructions & FAQ's