We are happy to welcome you to Golden Hills School Division, International Services Program. Golden Hills is an outstanding school division committed to helping all students realize their individual goals and potential.

Traveling and studying abroad is a great education in itself and we look forward to  sharing with you our lifestyle, culture and ways.  At the same time we look are excited to have you share with us your culture and lifestyle. We invite you to join one of Alberta's best educational districts, to enjoy our vast and beautiful landscape, join in our sports and cultural activities and, most importantly, to gain knowledge and confidence in learning the English language and preparing yourself for your future academic endeavours.

Welcome to the next step of your adventure with Golden Hills International.  Our application process is all on line and simple to do.


The first step to apply for a fantastic experience at Golden Hills is to fill out the ONLINE APPLICATION

**Prairie Christian Academy Applicants** Your application will be forwarded to admissions at Prairie Christian Academy. You will be contacted by their office to arrange a Skype interview. Admission is only considered after the interview.

You will have three weeks (21 days) to complete the online application, which will not be submitted until all required steps are complete. Once we receive your application, a decision will usually be made within 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends). In some cases, we will require additional information or the completion of a language assessment before we can accept an application. We will inform you if additional information or an assessment is required.

To begin the application, you will need to select the type of application (e.g., Long Term, Short Term, GLP, PLUS, etc.).

  • If your application is for a period of less than one semester, select Short Term.
  • If your application is for one semester or more, the most common program is Long Term. A different program (e.g., GLP, PLUS, Prairie Christian Academy) should only be selected if you know that's the intent of your application.

You must also enter the legal last name, legal first name, and birthdate of the student exactly as they appear on his or her passport. If the student holds multiple passports, please work with the one that will be used to enter Canada.

If you have any questions during the application process, please contact or by telephone at +1 (403) 934-5121 ext. 2050. 

Also needed with your application are:

  • The non-refundable, Registration Fee via Canadian money order, Visa, Mastercard or wire transfer.
  • Attested transcripts of achievement for the past three years of school. Transcripts must be submitted in English.
  • A copy of your Passport.

Certain forms are also required with your application. They are made available with the online application and are also located below for your reference or to use as needed.

The required forms needed to accompany the application as individual documents are below:

Also required with the application and forms are:

  • A Letter of Intent – stating why you wish to study in Canada and your long-term academic goals (one-page maximum).
  • One recent photograph of yourself and one family picture.
  • TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB, CAEL or any recognized English Proficiency results if completed.

Applications will not be processed unless all of the required documents and registration fee are submitted.


You will receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance from us once your application has been approved and processed.  An invoice will be generated and once payment is received your registration will be confirmed and an unconditional Letter of Acceptance will be issued.

Payment can be made by certified cheque, bank draft, or wire transfer. Please clearly indicate the name of the student for which the funds are intended.

For Payment options please contact


Apply for a student Visa (Study Permit) from the Canadian High Commission in your country. Attach your Letter of Acceptance and proof of payment with your application.


Prepare to travel to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You should arrive two days prior to the program start date. Please send your travel itinerary to Golden Hills International at or you may fax it to 403-934-4530. Upon your arrival, you will be met at the Calgary International Airport and driven to your accommodation.


Medical insurance is mandatory for your stay in Canada. Included in the coverage are hospital/clinic visits, prescriptions, family transportation, air ambulance, repatriation, emergency dental, one eye exam, out-of-province travel insurance, and emergency medical evacuation.

Please note: Pre-existing conditions are not covered, or if a medical claim is made and there are any alcohol or drugs involved it will not be covered.

Refund Policy

All requests for refunds (including requests to withdraw) must be issued in writing via email to  

If an applicant’s study permit and/or entry visa is denied by the Canadian Government, all payments (except  the non-refundable registration fee) will be refunded once Golden Hills International receives proof of the denied  permit/visa.  If the student is traveling with a natural parent and the parent’s paperwork is denied, no refund for the student will be provided.

There will be no refund of tuition fees once the applicant: (1) receives a Canadian study permit and/or entry visa  or (2) arrives in Canada.  

If a student leaves after having arrived in Canada, Golden Hills International will refund a prorated amount of  homestay or dormitory fees paid. Homestay or dormitory fees will be refunded for any full months that were paid  but unused. (There is an "Early Withdrawal Fee" of $750.00 for non-emergent reasons.) 

If a student chooses not to attend Golden Hills International after fees have been paid, we must be notified in  writing (two months minimum from school start date) of their decision. Failure to do so will result in an early  withdrawal fee of $750.00. 

If a student is removed from Golden Hills School Division, no refund will be issued, and any costs incurred to  return the student (and belongings) to their home country will be the responsibility of the agent/parent. Students  may be removed from the program for:  

  1. Severe and/or frequent violations of the International Student Behavior Protocol and Student Conduct Agreement. 
  2. The intentional omission or falsification of information on an application (including transcripts and all other supporting documentation), or misrepresentation of the truth in correspondence thereafter, by the student, a parent, or the agent. 
  3. Failure to fully pay fees within two months of commencing studies in Canada. 

Students enrolled in Golden Hills International Online Learning are eligible for the following refunds should they  decide to withdraw (all refunds exclude the non-refundable registration fee): 

  • 100% of Online Learning fees are refundable within five days of starting the course. • 50% of Online Learning fees are refundable between six and 14 days of starting the course. • Beyond 14 days of starting the course, no Online Learning fees are refundable. 

Refunds must be returned to the person who originally paid and in the country from where the funds originated.  

Refunds will not be provided for time lost due to poor weather, acts of God, teacher strikes, or any other reason  beyond the control of Golden Hills International. 

Last revised: 2023-11-27