Golden Hills offers dormitory accommodation in three of our communities including Drumheller, Strathmore and Three Hills. 

Our dormitory leaders nurture and encourage student and help make their residence both a place they can call home and a sanctuary where they can relax and study.

  • Drumheller dormitory is attached to the school and can house 87 students
  • Strathmore dormitory is not attached to the schools, however a school bus is provided to transport the students to and from school. Dormitory can house 96 students.
  • The dormitory in Three Hills at Prairie Christian Academy is not attached to the school however students can walk. Dormitory can house 35 students. Students attending Three Hills public school can request to reside at the dormitory.


  • Full supervision (24/7) provided by committed, supportive and compassionate supervisors
  • Regular supervised study periods (Monday through Thursday)
  • Girls and Boys separate rooms in different locations in the dorms
  • Gender specific common areas
  • Three meals plus snacks on school days and a brunch and dinner plus snacks on non-school days.


  • Room allocation will be made by the supervising staff
  • Students are responsible for their own personal care items, and laundry supplies (laundry machines are available at the dormitories for student use)


  • 3 meals and snacks provided on school days (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner plus snacks) 
  • 2 meals and snacks provided on non-school days (Brunch & Dinner plus snacks)


  • Our three largest communities, Drumheller, Three Hills and Strathmore have Hospitals and medical clinics available.

Religious and Cultural Organizations:

  • For students who are interested in maintaining their religious and cultural connections we will be provide them with contact information for related organizations available in the community.

Free Time

  • Students will have free time to engage in other activities they are interested in (music, sports, visiting local sites, developing friendships etc.)
  • Sports facilities are available at the schools and withing walking distance in our communities.
  • Activities are organized for our international students on a regular basis. These include trips to Calgary, Banff and other areas of interest.

Dormitory Rules & Guidelines for Students

Please note that there is a strict no smoking/vaping policy for all Golden Hills dormitories.  If a student is found to be smoking/vaping in the dorm there will be a charge of $75.00 for cleaning of the room or area in which the student was smoking/vaping.  Disciplinary action will also be implemented.