Global Leader

Global Leader Program

GLOBAL LEADER PROGRAM (GLP) is offered in Strathmore


The Global Leader Program is exclusive to Golden Hills School Division and is offered in the Strathmore area only.  The Global Leader Program boasts full-integration into Canadian schools as well as an impressive list of value-added services, 

  • supervised after-school activities 
  • individual tutoring in: reading, math, science, oral presentation, writing reports, and more
  • students will partake in at least two scheduled activities per month (Rocky Mountain tours, visiting museums, ice hockey, golf, shopping, football, and skiing/snowboarding etc.)
  • debate club to help improve their English and develop their interests in global events
  • regular scheduled study time 
  • regular meetings with their supervisors and  teachers
  • Student progress reports provided to agents and parents in English and/or Korean
  • preparation for standardized tests such as the TOEFL, SAT, and SSAT
  •  international food will be provided every week


Overall, this program is geared for the success of its students, with high-quality educational programs to ensure students receive credits in courses required for post-secondary education. Not only do students learn and improve their English, but they are also provided special education and instruction to encourage them to become a positive and goal-oriented global leader.

The Global Leader Program accepts students from grade 7 through 12 for a semester, full academic year or short-term.