Connect Golden Hills School Division

New On-line Access to Marks and Attendance for Your Child

Golden Hills is excited to provide access to parents to their students learner profile on-line.  With this new tool you will be able to access your child's attendance, marks and other additional information.  Please see below on how to access this new resource. 

Learner Profile process: There are two parts to the new Learner Profile; one part is the actual paper copy that will be sent home by the school at report card time. This document will include a non-academic section called the Characteristics of a Successful Learner and an academic section to show how your child is doing in each subject and focus area (subject unit or topic). The second part is a parent portal where you can access online information, at any time, to see a more in-depth view of how your child is doing on the specific curriculum outcomes. In order to enter this online area the school requires an email address from you (if they do not already have one).

If you have any questions please contact your child's school directly.