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New Golden Hills ESL program in Runzhou China

On April 15, 2014 two educational worlds officially united to make a mark in Zhenjiang China’s history. A celebration was held for the grand opening of the Children’s House for ESL of Runzhou School Division including the introduction of a fantastic new Canadian English learning program for their students. The program, which was developed by Golden Hills School Division International program, creates a learning environment where young children will thrive and grow in their English learning. Developed by Canadian specialists using brain-based research on the best educational practices for ESL instruction, based on the Alberta ESL benchmarks, the program begins at a kindergarten level and is completed with grade 12 English lessons. The focus is to learn/improve conversation and written skills emphasizing Canadian English pronunciation in preparation for students to be successful in their studies in Canada.

The grand opening was attended by several dignitaries in the field of education, including the Superintendent of the Runzhou school board Huang Kewen, the Deputy Mayor of the Runzhou district Zhang Jin Hong and over 20 principals of local kindergartens. Dr. Kandace Jordan, Director of the Golden Hills International program also travelled to Zhenjiang to participate in this thrilling event “The foundation of this program is to help students be better prepared to learn, collaborate, engage, and succeed in an increasingly global society,” said Jordan.

Cree Gordon, a Canadian teacher hired by the Runzhou School Bureau to lead the teaching of students and train Chinese teachers, was both nervous and excited about her lesson demonstration at the event. “The lesson was the perfect way to showcase the elements of the program and all ten students had a blast learning about the parts of the body,” she said.

All who attended were delighted with the program. In an interview with Zhenjiang News Superintendent Huang Kewen said (translated) “This program is the first international project in the Zhenjiang government. It provided a good opportunity to our children in Runzhou to learn the rest of world and also bring our national education towards international education.”

The number of students enrolled in the Children’s House for ESL continues to grow as word of the great new Canadian English Program expands throughout the district. 

Left to right: Supt. Huang Kewen, RunZhou School Board, Deputy Supt. Chen Xiaoge, Runzhou, Deputy Supt. Jordan, Golden Hills International

Left to right: Supt. Huang Kewen, RunZhou School Board, Deputy Supt. Chen Xiaoge, Runzhou, Deputy Supt. Jordan, Golden Hills International

Local kindergarten principals

Students learning body parts

Where are the monster's hands?

Where are your hands?

This is your nose!